“It helped me get better at what I was doing...It was exciting to look at your score and then go back and figure out what you did wrong so you get it right for the next call.”

Kathy IvinsZinnia contact center agent

“With Verbal, we're going to be able to surpass our own limits.”

Will SamsZinnia Admissions Manager

Verbal helped this customer generate

$1.1M per month

per month in additional revenue

While reducing QA staffing costs by


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“Being able to save [our therapists] that 10-15 minutes per session, where they don’t have to actually put in that mental energy and take that time is a huge win.”

Dr. Shereen MohsenFounder, Relucent Psychology Group

“This has saved me a lot of time.”

Dr. Cynthia StavaTherapist, Relucent Psychology Group

Verbal streamlined note-taking, resulting in

75% less time

spent on call documentation

Documentation time dropped from

1 hour to 15 min

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“All of us are glad we have [Verbal], and don’t want to go back to not having it.”

Rebecca Nikuosokhan, LPNHealthcare Coach and Preceptor - Avenue Healthcare

“It’s allowed [our healthcare coaches] to be more present and do more active listening during their calls.”

Robin Walton, MHA, BSN, RN, CCMDirector of Clinical Operations, Avenue Healthcare

Verbal boosted average call compliance from

49% to 61%

in just 3 months

Improved call quality scores by