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Verbal, a leading voice in AI-enhanced clinical operations, today announced a new integration with the Healthie Electronic health record (EHR) system and telehealth platform.

This integration, available via the Healthie app marketplace, allows virtual care providers to automatically pass clinical documentation and notes generated by the Verbal AI to the Healthie EHR for easy access and future review. Users can also synchronize the Healthie scheduler with the Verbal platform to see scheduled meeting information in real time in the Verbal app.

This opens the door for providers large and small to take advantage of Verbal’s AI-powered clinical documentation and real-time quality assurance (QA) and training tools, without disrupting their existing EHR workflows.

Studies have found physicians spend nearly 50 percent of their time on admin tasks like clinical notes. Meanwhile, a recent Verbal survey found that less than a third of healthcare organizations conduct QA on virtual visits more than once per month (18% do no QA at all).

By integrating Verbal and Healthie, providers can not only save hours of time usually spent on dull, repetitive admin work like writing notes, but also start or hugely scale their QA programs, enhancing patient experience and driving revenue as part of value-based care.

Optimizing clinical ops with AI

The integration of the Healthie and Verbal opens the door to streamlined clinical operations workflows and higher care quality.

Key benefits of the Verbal AI include:

  • Save staff time and energy: The Verbal AI automatically generates clinical documentation including SOAP, SBAR, therapy progress notes and more, with notes and summaries tailored to an organization’s compliance requirements and best practices.
  • Fight burnout and curb churn: In the face of healthcare staffing shortages — often driven by burnout associated with an outsized administrative burden – Verbal’s AI tools could be a key driver in boosting staff satisfaction, resulting in less turnover and lower costs.
  • Improve patient experience: Verbal offers real-time guidance, reminders and feedback tailored to each organization’s best practices and webside manner standards, boosting patient engagement, loyalty and trust. Meanwhile, Verbal’s automation tools free up providers to spend more time with each patient.
  • Drive revenue: By streamlining workflows, Verbal allows healthcare providers to see more patients. Real-time QA and training tools drive consistently high-quality care – a key driver of success in value-based care models, where patient satisfaction and care quality are directly tied to revenue.

New possibilities for Healthie users

The addition of Verbal to the Healthie app marketplace offers providers in the Healthie ecosystem a chance to improve and optimize virtual care delivery, with no need for complex integrations.

Learn more about the Verbal AI suite at the Healthie app marketplace.

Waleed Mohsen

Author Waleed Mohsen

Waleed Mohsen is the CEO and founder of Verbal. He has been named a UCSF Rosenman Innovator and has over 10 years of experience working with leaders of hospitals and medical institutions in his business development roles at Siemens and Cisco

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