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Christian Milaster, telehealth guru and CEO at Ingenium Digital Health Advisors, and Dr. Wayne Pan, Medical Director at the San Francisco Health Plan, join Verbal CEO Waleed Moshen to discuss why providers struggle to deliver a consistently high-quality telehealth experience for both patients and staff, how workflow standardization can help and how to measure success.

An engineer by training, Christian is a passionate advocate of consistent, repeatable processes that can help telehealth teams track and maintain quality. As Christian puts it, you can’t always change people, but you can change the system and optimize workflows to give your team the best chance at success.

The panel discusses key metrics to consider when evaluating telehealth quality, the biggest challenges to creating and maintaining new workflows and getting staff buy-in on changes, as well as which telehealth metrics are actually useful if quality is your priority.

Session Notes:

  • 02:06: Opening question: What is telehealth quality and how do we measure it?
  • 07:56: Signs of low telehealth program quality and metrics to consider
  • 13:30: The benefits of “standardization” in telehealth
  • 16:08: Key telehealth workflows
  • 25:15: Biggest challenges to telehealth workflow changes & measurement
  • 31:57: How long does it take to see an impact?
  • 34:47: How to get staff buy-in on workflow changes & performance measurement
  • 37:19: Different types of telehealth metrics (easy versus useful)
  • 40:45: Where should you get started?
  • 45:15: Resources for best practices
  • 49:05: Technologies to consider
  • 52:35: Wrap up and review

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Waleed Mohsen

Author Waleed Mohsen

Waleed Mohsen is the CEO and founder of Verbal. He has been named a UCSF Rosenman Innovator and has over 10 years of experience working with leaders of hospitals and medical institutions in his business development roles at Siemens and Cisco

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