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ATA Nexus is underway! We’ll be repping Verbal at our booth (S-23) and taking part in a panel on AI, administrative burden, & consumer demand (N222C, May 7 at 3p). Would love to see you at either spot!

Here are a few more sessions/talks we’re looking forward to:

Sunday, May 5

How AI in Healthcare Will Change the Patient Experience

(Express Theater 1 – Exhibit Floor, May 5, 1:35p)
Amitha Pulijala of Vonage and Dr. Esteban López, MD, MBA of will dig into the potential of AI to tackle the untenable admin burden plaguing so many providers and give teams the time and energy they need to do their best work. This session will explore not only how AI can help with things like documentation, but also offer practical tips on where to start, adding AI tools to your tech stack and getting buy-in from patients and staff.

The Virtual Patient Experience: Improving Patient & Consumer Outcomes

(N229A, May 5, 4:40p)
In this session, Amanda L. Bury, MS, Dr. Jacqueline Darna, Kate Baars and Stacy Lloyd will explore the key role virtual care will continue to play in transforming and optimizing patient experience, offering better access, affordability and control for patients. I think we sometimes take for granted just how dramatically care delivery has shifted in the last few years and where there’s still a ton of room to innovate, particularly with AI tools designed to improve patient and provider engagement and experience.

Unveiling Paths: Advancing Mental Health Care for All

(N227C, May 5, 5:40p)
Virtual care has had played a tremendous role in getting more people access to the mental health care they need. Indeed, recent data has shown telehealth can offer a much-needed outlet for at-risk and marginalized patients, with much lower no-show rates and better treatment compliance (Anuja Vaidya has done some great reporting on this). Really looking forward to hearing POVs on everything from substance use therapy to stigma and care access with Carson Domey, Jeremy V. Bloom, CMPE, Lauren Finke and Sara Salek, M.D.

Monday, May 6

Three CEOs on AI and Virtual Care: Daily, Veradigm, and ScienceIO Fireside Chat

(Nexus Main Stage, May 6, 9:40a)
Really excited to hear Kwindla Hultman Kramer, Yin Ho and Will Manidis share their perspectives on the future of data-enriched healthcare, virtual care, and AI. This group will dig into the potential of AI to not only make providers more efficient, but also make patient care more effective. The best of both worlds.

Artisight Case Study: The Future of AI in Nursing

(N226A, May 6, 11a)
This session will explore the potential of AI to improve patient care, streamline workflows and reduce clinician burnout, while also taking a deep dive on some of the biggest challenges facing AI in nursing, from integration to adoption. Telehealth nursing comes with a slew of unique challenges, but all too often nurses are a second thought when it comes to AI technology that could help.

The Unfulfilled Potential of Remote Patient Monitoring

(Express Theater 1 – Exhibit Floor, May 6, 11:40a)
Having run an RPM-based telemedicine nursing service myself, I know how difficult it is for many providers to take full advantage of this technology, in spite of its tremendous potential. Really interested to hear James Levy dig into these challenges and how AI can make a difference.

Telemedicine Use Disparities for Opioid Use Disorder & A Qualitative Study to Determine Provider Perspectives of Telehealth Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

“DOUBLE FEATURE” at Alcove Theater 1 (May 6, 11a and 12p, respectively)
I’ve always felt telehealth could make a big difference in getting more people the help they need to face stigmatized health issues like substance use disorder. In their respective sessions, Renoj Varughese, Director of Telemedicine at University at Buffalo and Dr. Scott Weiner, MD, MPH will share new research on the impact of telehealth in treating opioid use disorder and perspectives from physicians, PAs and NPs in the space.

Mind Shift: From “That’s Impossible” to “Doing the Dang Thing”

(Patient Voices Theater, May 6, 2p)
Looking forward to hearing tips and perspective from Brandon Lee and Jeremy V. Bloom, CMPE on finding the mindset needed to make a difference and rethink ‘business as usual.’ All the more relevant as AI becomes more and more central to healthcare —  how do we shift from the status quo to doing things we never thought possible?

Using Telehealth to Drive Innovative Insurance Products

(N221C, May 6, 3:30p)
Rob Mitchell, MPH of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health Plan will share perspective from a “digital first” insurer on how insurers can use telehealth to drive better outcomes and patient experience. Will be great to hear first-hand from the payer side.

Enhancing Virtual Care Programs to Support a Growing Virtual Patient-Centric Atmosphere

(N221C, May 6, 3:55p)
Cristina Rubio-Delgado,APRN,MSN,FNP-BC and Giselle Ricur from The University of Miami Health System will discuss their experiences improving and expanding virtual care offerings to improve patient access and satisfaction while ensuring workflow continuity. Excited to hear first-hand from two leaders in the trenches working to expand virtual care at scale.

Delivering Virtual Health Services in Rural & Underserved Communities

(N221C, May 6, 4:20p)
The value of telehealth goes far beyond convenience. For some communities, it actually makes care *possible* where it once seemed impossible. In this session Matthew Anderson, MD, MHA will share insights from his time helping Atrium Health scale its Specialty Care virtual services to improve access for rural and underserved communities. He’ll touch on everything from infrastructure and tech needs to funding and getting buy-in and engagement from executives and staff. Excited to learn more from this first-hand POV.

Tuesday, May 7

Reimagining Care Delivery: The Intersection of Technology and Telehealth

(Nexus Main Stage, May 7, 8:40a)
There are few wellness companies more iconic than WeightWatchers, and (especially now that the company has expanded to offer metabolic health services virtually) I’m eager to hear first-hand perspective from Dr. Amy Meister on the role telehealth and new technology can play in optimizing both patient and consumer experiences and making care accessible for more people who need it.

Navigating Healthcare’s Future: Transformative Insights on Workforce Challenges and Virtual Care Integration

(Nexus Main Stage, May 7, 9a)
As I’ve often discussed, virtual care continues to be key to tackling workforce shortages and burnout in healthcare. Deployed thoughtfully, virtual care can not only reduce admin burden and give providers more time and energy for patients, but also improve patient outcomes and experience. Looking forward to hearing from Bonnie Clipper DNP, MA, MBA, RN, CENP, FACHE, FAAN on how this is playing out (or should be playing out) in nursing and beyond.

Telehealth 101: Implementing Today’s Strategies for Seamless Virtual Care

(N228A, May 7, 10:30a)
Featuring experts Aditi U Joshi MD, MSc, FACEP, Sarah N Pletcher, MD MHCDS, Joe Brennan and others, this over-3-hour-long boot camp is set to cover all you need to know about starting a virtual care program, including mapping an integration plan, working with a vendor, navigating legal and regulatory issues and more. I’d be especially curious for “It’s All in the Details,” which will offer a deep dive on workflows, operations and logistics that set care teams up for success. “Making Sense of the Market” should also be interesting, especially as it tackles topics like staff training, folding telehealth into existing workflows and the potential of AI in virtual care.

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Waleed Mohsen is the CEO and founder of Verbal. He has been named a UCSF Rosenman Innovator and has over 10 years of experience working with leaders of hospitals and medical institutions in his business development roles at Siemens and Cisco

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