Zoom Integration

Verbal is designed to process audio streams in real time in order to provide its core features, such as auto QA, summarization, and reports. For tenants who utilize Zoom as their communication channel, Verbal seamlessly integrates with meeting bots to enable access to real-time audio streams.


To successfully activate this integration, ensure that the following settings are in place:

Verbal meeting app install for Zoom

To enable Verbal meeting bots to join Zoom meetings seamlessly, tenants must install the Verbal meeting app from the official Zoom marketplace. As this app is installed at the tenant account level, it requires users with admin rights on Zoom to perform the installation. 


Based on Zoom authorization standard, Verbal meeting app only ask for an additional grant for local recordings:

  • /meeting_token:read:local_recording”: Access to raw media streams
  • /user_zak:read”: Standard mandatory access to join meetings

Users onboarding 

Ensure that all Verbal users within your tenant’s Verbal account have their individual Zoom user accounts (no need for paid license) created and seamlessly linked to your tenant’s Zoom account.

During ongoing usage, after the user logs in Verbal, the agent is redirected to the Zoom authentication page. Once logged in Zoom, Verbal bots are ready to join meetings automatically for that user.