Optimize Virtual Care Ops with Generative AI

Verbal automatically generates clinical notes and shares insights on 100% of calls, offering managers new visibility into team performance while giving providers the time and energy they need to do their best work.

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Ideal for physicians, therapists, nurses and other virtual care providers

Verbal is the ultimate AI toolkit for virtual care operations, helping providers slash admin time and drive patient satisfaction.

Enhance Patient Experience

Webside manner nudges and task reminders drive efficient, high-quality virtual care visits and a great patient experience.

Streamline Virtual Care Onboarding

Real-time reminders quickly turn newly-onboarded providers into virtual care experts, ensuring compliance and easing the burden of supervision

Escape the Admin Time Sink

Auto-generated SOAP notes, progress notes and other clinical documentation let providers focus on patients, not paperwork.

Real-time Task Reminders 👍

Virtual visits fly by, making it easy to miss key tasks

Verbal offers responsive checklists and reminders customized to your team’s unique best practices, ensuring more focused, effective virtual care visits and care continuity.

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Clinical Notes

Spending hours on admin and busywork burns out even the most dedicated providers

As an AI-powered medical scribe, Verbal automatically generates clinical documentation (SOAP, SBAR, therapy progress notes and more), relieving providers of dull work and giving them more time and energy for patients.

Custom Webside Manner Nudges

Patient experience surveys are only the first step

Verbal offers providers feedback and guidance on webside manner during live calls, driving better patient experience, engagement and trust. Tailor coaching to your team’s unique best practices and help new providers learn by doing.

Team Trends & Call Analytics 🤓

With so many calls taking place each day, its almost impossible to get a clear sense of how a team is doing.

Verbal analyzes every interaction and generates detailed reports on patient sentiment, talk-to-listen ratio, compliance and more, offering providers the insights they need to drive care quality and feel more confident with each call.

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A better experience on both ends of the line

See how the Zinnia Health team boosted agent performance at its substance disorder contact center and drove $1.1 million in additional monthly revenue with Verbal’s AI-powered QA and feedback.

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