The First AI Designed Exclusively for Virtual Care

Verbal analyzes 100% of virtual care calls to ensure consistent quality standards, optimize workflows and give staff the real-time feedback they need to do their best work

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Streamline QA & Compliance

Score every call automatically, in real time. Ensure 100% of calls meet your team’s quality and compliance standards.

Level Up Training & Coaching

Quickly turn staff into experts via real-time feedback and coaching. Get the data you need to build more effective, efficient training programs.

Unlock a Full View of Performance

Get visibility into every call and every team member’s performance. Build comprehensive, data-backed performance evaluations.

Auto QA on 100% of Calls 🤯

Most virtual care teams struggle to do even one QA audit each month.

Verbal offers instant QA scoring on every call based on your team’s unique best practices, allowing managers to skip manual audits while ensuring calls consistently meet quality standards.

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Clinical Notes

Spending hours on admin and busywork burns out even the most dedicated virtual care staff.

As an AI-powered medical scribe, Verbal automatically generates complete call transcripts and drafts clinical summaries, relieving staff of dull work and giving them more time and energy for the people who matter most: patients.

Real-Time Feedback & Training

Staff no longer need to sit through hours of lectures or sift through thousand-page knowledge bases to get up to speed.

Verbal offers feedback and guidance during live calls, ensuring consistent call quality while helping staff learn by doing.

Comprehensive Performance Reporting 👍

With so many calls taking place each day, its almost impossible to get a clear sense of how a team is doing.

Verbal analyzes every interaction and generates detailed reports on call quality, offering managers complete visibility into team performance and the insights they need to deliver feedback that makes a difference.

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A better experience on both ends of the line

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