AI-Powered QA & Training for Virtual Care Staff

Verbal automates call notes, QA and feedback on 100% of phone and video calls, giving your team the time, energy and insights they need to do their best work.

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Ideal for health coaches, care navigators, and contact center teams

Verbal is the ultimate AI toolkit for virtual care operations, helping team to slash admin work, streamline QA and level up staff performance.

Streamline QA & Compliance

Score every call automatically, in real time. Ensure 100% of calls meet your team’s quality and compliance standards.

Level Up Training & Coaching

Quickly turn staff into experts via real-time feedback and coaching. Get the data you need to build more effective, efficient training programs.

Escape the Admin Time Sink

Automatically generate custom call notes and documentation, saving your team time and energy better spent with callers.

Auto QA on 100% of Calls 🤯

Few healthcare organizations manage even one monthly QA audit

Verbal offers instant QA scoring on every call based on your team’s unique best practices and success criteria, allowing managers to skip manual audits while ensuring calls consistently meet your standards.

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Call Notes

Spending hours on admin and busywork burns out even the most dedicated staff.

Verbal automatically generates complete call summaries and documentation tailored to your team’s needs, ensuring more accurate records and fewer compliance violations.

Real-Time Feedback & Training

Hiring and training staff is expensive and time-consuming

Ditch lectures and training videos. Verbal offers feedback and guidance during live calls, ensuring consistent call quality while helping staff learn by doing.

Comprehensive Performance Reporting 👍

High call volume makes it almost impossible to assess team performance.

Verbal analyzes every interaction and generates detailed reports on call quality, offering managers complete visibility into team performance and the insights they need to deliver feedback that makes a difference.

A better experience on both ends of the line

See how the Zinnia Health team boosted call center agent performance and
drove $1.1 million in additional monthly revenue with Verbal’s AI-powered QA and feedback.
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