The first AI designed exclusively for virtual care

What if you could automate clinical notes and QA on 100% of calls while empowering your team with real-time coaching and support?

Verbal is a total virtual care toolkit, allowing you to streamline workflows end to end:

  • Save time with AI-powered clinical notes
  • Enhance patient experience with automated QA on 100% of calls
  • Streamline training with real-time feedback and coaching for staff

Gone are the days of clinicians spending hours on paperwork. Of manually reviewing call recordings for QA. Of waiting weeks for feedback on calls they barely remember.

Verbal empowers your virtual care team to do their best work and spend their time and energy on what matters most: patients.

Verbal is proud to join the innovators at Virtual-First Care West to discuss the future of virtual care. Schedule a meeting to learn more about how Verbal can create a better experience on both ends of the line.

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